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Àjoké – Red/blue (Preorder)



Size: 6″W X 6.75″H X 2.5″D

Oríkì: The praise of the head; Poetry, A cultural phenomenon amongst Yoruba speakers of the western part of Nigeria in West Africa.

Introducing the Oriki Tote collection by Toke Makinwa, this “tote” bags are a celebration of culture, a homage to the importance of the head and a symbol of the beauty and strength that runs through our veins.

The blend of colors celebrates our excellent spirit, each detail is praise worthy and carefully crafted to embody the deep essence of the names we take pride in.

Carrying the Oriki Tote collection by Toke Makinwa means carrying a piece of history and a story of resilience and elegance

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Àjoké - Red/blue (Preorder)


In stock